AME Services

We provide the following services for Residential, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Industries

Dish Satellite Services
We undertake Satellite Dish Antenna services for all countries TV channels:
• New Installation/ Maintenance/ Re-installation Services
• Building / Villas Internal System Installation Services
• Recharge all type of dish antenna cards
• We provide all countries channels coming in different satellites.

Some of well-known satellites with channels are mentioned below:

ASIASAT 50 Free Channels – show/hide

ASIASAT-50 Free Channels

PAKSAT 50 Free Channels – show/hide

PAKSAT-50 Free Channels

NILESAT 600 Free Channels – show/hide

NILESAT 600 Free Channels

HOTBIRD 600 Free Channels – show/hide

HOTBIRD 600 Free Channels

Installation Services for Electronics Products
We undertake installation services for all kinds of TV, LED, LCD, Plasma, and Home-Theater. We have been working with EROS Electricals since 2007 as its contractor for digital installation. more..

System Services
We also provide services for:
• Laptop, Desktop PC Hardware & Software Installation
• Network Switches, Routers, Servers Installation (LAN,WAN & Wi-Fi)
• Data Recovery, Backup & Storage Solutions
• All kinds of Electronics Repairing and Electronics Accessories for Networking, Laptop, Desktop PC, Mobile, TV,LED, LCD, Plasma, Home-Theater, DVD, Printer, Scanners etc.

CCTV and Security Solutions
We undertake CCTV, Structural Cabling and Security Solutions for Offices, Shops, Supermarkets, Malls, Houses and Villas etc. more..